Reeling in the Years: Digitising Our History

Sun, Oct 13, 2019

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As we're celebrating our 50th anniversary year, we're collecting and digitising all the MTFC newspaper clippings, match programmes, photos and paraphernalia from 1969 to today that we can get our hands on. And we need your help!

Reeling in the Years: Digitising Our History

Maynooth Town FC is celebrating 50 years as a club this year. Now that we’ve just launched our new website, we want to collect, preserve and archive all of the priceless artefacts that form part of the club’s story.

Over the years many people have participated in and contributed to our journey, to where we are now; a community club, providing football for 450 players across 35 teams and growing.

The story of our club is ever unfolding and is never stuck in one moment in time. There are many stories held in the collective and individual memory, experiences of playing with or an involvement in the life of the club over the past 50 years.

That’s why to celebrate our 50th year, we want to capture that history, to reflect on the experiences with club, the memories and the many stories.

We have started to gather an archive of material and photographs but we’re certain that there’s even more out there. So many people have had the enjoyable experience of playing for and being part of the Town over the years, so your input is invaluable!

We would be delighted if people would share their club experiences and memories with us, so if you have a photograph, a story, a match programme, a press clipping, a game that stood out, players you admired, a reflection of your time with Maynooth Town FC – please share it with us.

Let’s celebrate our club’s journey and what has been achieved so far.

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